Info about the new products!

New Products
Hi everyone! I'm here again to give you more info about the new products I've added to the store!

✧ New A5 prints ✧

New PokeMiku drawings as A5 prints! They are PREORDERS, so they will be printed very soon. I chose the pearly texture again for this ones too, I think they will come out nicely!
PokeMikus A5 Prints

✧ New small print ✧

Small print of Frieren from Sōsō no Frieren! I'm in love with this anime, so of course I had to draw our dear elf ♡ I've decided to turn it into a small print too~
Frieren Small Print Preview

✧ New and limited keychains ✧

New keychains of Sora from Kingdom Hearts and ZeIda, both are double sided with different designs in each side! Units will be limited, these are old designs so I probably won't restock them anymore. Make sure to get yours before they run out!
Sora and ZeIda Charms

✧ New stickers ✧

New stickers from FE: Three Houses added!
FETH Stickers new

✧ New type of product: Bookmarks ✧

Bookmarks are coming to the store too with these three designs:
Bookmarks new
I have many new ideas to make new merch, so stay tuned for new blog entries and my socials!
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✧ Thank you so much for your visit and your support! ✧
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