Store Update: Opening again!

Store Open


Hey guys! The store is open again! I would like to thank you for the great support it received when I first opened it two months ago! I really enjoyed preparing and shipping all your orders, and received many lovely messages, thank you a lot!

So... what's new this time?

First of all, new items have been added! Please take a look at the New Products collection in the main page! You can check the blog entry for more info about these products~

Shippings are still only available within Europe, I'm still trying to open worldwide as soon as possible, but for diverse circunstances I still can't do it, so sorry for the inconvenience! 🙏

All the people who order the first time would have notice about the freebies I added, so new orders will still receive them!

And I think this is all! I'll try to keep the blog updated if there is some news, so please stay tuned!

Friendly reminder that you also can follow me on my socials to stay up to date with any store updates~
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✧ Thank you so much for your visit and your support! ✧
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