Store Update!


Hey guys! Store is open again during all summer! Remember that worldwide shipping is also available from now on!

Thank you so much as always for all your love and your support! There are new prints available and new discounts in a lot of products, so don't forget to take a look!

What's new?

New prints are added in the NEW PRODUCTS section! There are:

- Charlie and Vaggie prints from HazbIn HoteI!
- Scaramouche prints from Genshin
- Frieren, Fern and Stark chibis small prints!
You can check them out here!


Also a lot of products have an amazing discount! Don't miss the opportunity to get them!


Friendly reminder that you also can follow me on my socials to stay up to date with any store updates~

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✧ Thank you so much for your visit and your support! ✧
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